blah blah

I just had my arguably worst semester of school. There’s just no motivation there and I’m glad it’s over but I’m not glad of the lack of effort I showed this semester. I’ll get after it next semester.

This isn’t intended to be a cry-post (it is) but I think it’s from over-extending myself this year. Not that I was terribly stretched out but coming into 2013 I vowed to be more active and put myself into more social situations when the opportunity presented itself. Because of that idiotic vow to be more open to experiences in 2013 I did the following:

I went to Colorado for a snowboarding + pneumonia + altitude sickness combo, NYC, Scavenger (GOLD #BTC), Guatemala/Tikal (thanks Kham, Donna and GEE-off), a few GORUCKS (Wichita, Shreveport, Austin, Jacksonville) and booked a trip to Puerto Rico for New Year’s Eve.

From all of that, I’m just tired. I don’t see how people can want to travel all the time. It’s such a damned beating. I mean, it’s fun but damn, I just need like 2 months alone and away from people.

Now compare 2013 to my busy calendar in 2012 where I went snowboarding in Tahoe, one Tough Mudder in Dallas and my first (also decidedly last) GORUCK. So, compared to 2012 I rocked out 2013. That’s not to say that my life is all awesome (I mean, I have no complaints. It’s not perfect because I still don’t have a Miata or squat rack) but really, all I want to do is lift a weight, eat, drink and read books forever alone and away from The People because it just takes a lot of work to do that.

Basically, I’m introverted and want to be alone.

That’s why when you see me I drink a lot. Being in social situations is just tiring and takes a lot out of me but if I can drink, it’s like flipping a switch – hanging out with The People is not so taxing. I’m not an alcoholic (that’s definitely not denial) but man it is much, much easier to hang out with people while I have a beer in hand. At least, that’s what I’m going with.


[edit August 2017: I sure do bitch a lot.]