at first blush

I guess I like the taste of crow.

Back to my instant-judging “ability” that works with books, music and TV shows. I first heard “Royals” by Lorde on the radio a month ago or so and was “eh, it’s OK” and then some people were talking about it and I was all “eh, not impressed.” Now I’m impressed.

This reminds me of my Michelle Branch obsession back in college. It must’ve been a year before I got around to listening to her music (I hated “Everywhere” for the longest time) but when I did start, oh dude I went full-on retard and got all of her music. I still know most of the lyrics to her solo work. New shit is whatevs but man that first self-aware obsession is best (and dorkiest). Now it’s all about Queen and Live at Wembley Stadium and the greatest ~20 minutes of concert ever at Live Aid and possibly ever of all time ever (ever).

My sister once brought home a gigantic box of books she allegedly purchased from coworkers but none of them had the cover (apparently this means they were stolen) and so I couldn’t judge them like I was so desperately wanting to do. So I ended up reading a bunch of them just to see what it was about and I must’ve had like 2 summers’ worth of reading out of that box. I still read slow as shit though.


Me and my cousin back in 2009…#cousbians #cuzbians