i hate money

Rather, 2013 Bee hates money. This is proved by some of my purchases this year:

1 motorcycle

3 goruck backpacks (to be fair, I sold 2)

1 rowing machine

Various electronics

That’s not a complete list but it highlights the fact that I probably need a financial adviser of some sort. Maybe not an adviserĀ per se but someone to tell me to not buy stupid shit I don’t need or won’t use. With any hobby I am interested in, I will buy all the shit and gear for it even especially if I don’t need it because I hate money so I have to spend it. For weightlifting I bought a belt, oly shoes (after eye fucking them for 2 years) and those stupid Fat Gripz (these actually work and wreck my shits pretty good). Admittedly, I will get some good use out of all of that but really, I could’ve just spent more time in the gym using what I already had. I like to buy shit in order to force me to pursue a hobby but in the end, it’s just money.

I suppose that’s an unhealthy attitude to take but it’s just money and you can almost always make more. I am reluctant to quote Chuck Palahniuk because I hate his writing style (I’m hating mine at the moment but don’t know how to change it) but “The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything” from Fight Club sums up how I feel (yes, I have feelings deep down inside…somewhere) about accumulating things. They’re just things. They have a finite life span and they will die (like my hope for the Cowboys every game).

This will probably change but right now I’m happy not having the nicest (or any) things around. My current strategy is to not accumulate a bunch of shit so that if I die I won’t burden my family with shit to keep/throw out. That’s my end game. More importantly, when I move then I’ll actually need to move that shit and I just don’t want to be burdened with a bunch of shit. Basically I’m lazy.

That’s not to say I spend hate all my money. I do the savings thing and don’t make totally unreasonable purchases but really, this whole post is mainly to say that I’ve been thinking long and hard about buying a glute ham developer and I get that I don’t totally need it but early 2014 this is looking like a thing that’s going to happen. 2014 Bee will be just like 2013 but older, sexier and balder.

Also, if I ever get a house I’m totally getting a squat rack and a Miata (not gay).


[edit] I forgot to insert a random picture. Here’s Xaysana and me looking towards the future.