GORUCK Travel Tours


Deep down, if you look far enough, you’ll eventually run out of places to look. But somewhere in there, I like to think that everyone wants to travel. If not to somewhere, then to get away from where they are currently, at least. That sounds cool, I probably stole that from somewhere.

I’ve had this conversation with several people and have probably written about it a few times but I’m pretty sure I never would’ve gone to all of these cool places in that amount of time. Would I have hit up any of those places? Probably. But it definitely would have taken more than a few years.

To think it all started with Dallas. My first route. I don’t have many memories other than of shock and awe from my first event. But what I can remember is the route we took. I guess that’s my lame super power. I can tell you where we’ve been on an event by CSI-ing some pictures and using cool flashbacks like they have in the movies, only no cool soundtrack. Think more elevator music-y and less trance/epic music sounds.


The GORUCK Travel Tour is awesome. It shows you a side of the city you’ve never seen other than from behind the windows of your car. We get to get out and walk the area. You get to experience the sights in greater detail, the sounds, and the smells. Scratch that, most big cities smell the same: like piss.

My next memorable tour was the Austin Heavy 010 – the best event of all time ever. We looked death in the face and called it a tie. Except for one of my GORUCK bffs Jason LMAO #dead #letmenapwhiletheycartyouaway

July 2013

Followed up by my longest walk ever around Ft. Worth. Turns out the Trinity River in Ft. Worth is just as gross as the Trinity River in Dallas. Who knew?

September 2013

Culebra where I met some cool peoples, I think. Also, Dan and Cristina were there.

January 2014

But not as cool as Normandy Heavy. Omaha Beach where we rucked through some farm land, saw some cool chunks of land missing, the bottom of Pointe du Hoc, froze in the English Channel and ended up at the Ranger Museum.

June 2015

Normandy Challenge. We went from Utah Beach up to Sainte-Marie-du-Mont to Chef-du-Pont (where I cried like a little bitch running and then I rolled my ankle like a little bitch) to Sainte-Mère-Église. Definitely never would’ve gone there without GORUCK.

June 2015

DC Heavy medium-est eavy

May 2016

Here I got to meet some cool people from the Harambe Appreciation Station fan club. But also I got to hit up a ton of monuments I wouldn’t have otherwise made the time for. All the war monuments were pretty neat, save for the fact that we needed war monuments.

Where to next?