Have you ever seen the original The Matrix and more specifically, do you remember that scene where Switch gets unplugged? I wasn’t in danger of dying this weekend but that applied to my weekend.

I used my free time on Saturday to look at electric rates and afterward I went to do some pull ups. I ran/walked (mostly walked) 6 miles on Sunday and worked on my tan. After which I had to rub some Tiger Balm on myself because I’m broken.

My new normal.

That’s when I thought of this scene from The Matrix. I don’t know what I expected to be doing when I was 36 but it sure as hell wasn’t looking at electric rates and putting Tiger Balm on my leg. I don’t think it actually does anything to heal you but man does it smell good.

Not like this.

Not like this.

Apparently I’m old as hell now and everywhere I walk there is a trailing scent of Tiger Balm.

I have this revelation every few months now that I’m older and wiser.

Definitely just older.

I also spent ten minutes today watching a video on rust penetrating oils. Who AM I?

What happened to me?

Which is cool I guess. That allowed me to read this article about dying and take it in stride.

Now that I’ve embraced old age I can be a social shut-in

When I die I’d like to smell like Tiger Balm. Cremate me with a few jars of that shit.

#gettingold #gettin #gold lol

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