Temporary Condition

So I deactivated the Facebooks temporarily and man, it’s oddly liberating. I’m about 36/336 hours into this experiment and I’ve only been tempted to reactivate it because I log into so many other apps using FB login. Many reasons for this but I didn’t realize how much time I was spending on it looking for articles to read, creeping on travel pictures, and everyone’s favorite – finding articles and posts to be outraged with. Another thing is, I haven’t met most of my friends list and to be honest, I don’t know many of them. Which leads to a lot of noise on my feed so it’s nice to get a break. Which is dumb – spending time on things that don’t matter to you.

Many, many thanks to Keith, G, and David for showing me The Way™

By that, I mean they’ve minimized it from their lives. Deleting it from your phone is a good first step. I didn’t do that though cause I’m weak sauce as all get out. So I deactivated that sumbitch. I’m not sure how often they were on it but in my case, I could easily spend a few hours after work just reading that and not doing anything worthwhile. Then right before bed, I could kill an hour before starting in on a book for another hour. Me not being on the FBs this weekend allowed me finish up a couple of books this weekend. So I guess that’s a good thing? I’m slightly more productive (is reading fiction productive?) but my apartment is still messy (and always will be, if I’m being honest).

What to do with my new found time? The world is my oyster and possibilities are endless…except for the money and time thing.  So instead of taking my extra 10 hours of free time a week and doing something cool, I’m going to:

  • ruck
  • run
  • meditate
  • write 500 words a day
  • read

Admittedly, not a huge step but perhaps more…focused? Intentional? Yeah, intentional is a good word. Great word. Fabulous word.

I have this Heavy coming up in Detroit with my Michigan GORUCK BFFs #crazyTom and #Phil. They had to twist my arm to get me to sign up for it. Bastards. When I don’t make it out alive boy will they feel sad. Sad like when you miss out on tacos. So temporary, fleeting sadness. But still some sadness. I’m going to make people have a feeling before I depart this earth, damn it.

Maximizing the minimum.

This is going to be my second event since #goquit2017 #shreveport #bomber and my first crack at Heavy for newly formed Redemption Tour 2017: Redemptioning Harder

Peas in a pod.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with my GORUCK friends ’cause that shit is fun. I mean, it’s really not, except that it is. If that makes sense. What I’m not looking forward to is the PT test, the 12 mile ruck march, actual PT, carrying weight, and I guess getting dirty. If you discount all of that, this should be a walk in the park.

My friends, real and GORUCK, tell me that these shorts look stupid all the time. Thanks for the pic, Chris!

Friends will tell you the truth.