friendship failure

I know I always paint myself as an all-around awesome dude with no faults except cardio and PT but I’ve been lying to you. I’m not awesome. Well, not that awesome at any rate. There are many, many reasons why I’m not awesome but the most recent example of this is that I’ve been flaky.

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk.” – Ernest Hemingway

Here’s the deal: if I’ve cursed you with my friendship, I will disappoint you. Hell, if you’re one of my ten readers then I’m willing to bet you’re disappointed right now. That’s the nature of Bee Yang – disappointment.

So back to FlakyBee™ I was supposed to go watch the footballs and I said I would and then didn’t. I was slightly hungover – not enough to not do anything but the idea of going out that day just wasn’t a thing I wanted to do so I didn’t. Flakes flake.

Friends classification. GORUCK friends. College friends. UPS friends. Work friends. School friends.

I’ve had people get mad at me for introducing them with a qualification. Maybe “mad” is the wrong word. Perhaps “annoyed” is more appropriate. But that’s how I’ve always done it and that’s how I organize things in my head. That is likely not changing.

Gonna need some more lasers.

Over the last couple of months that’s kind of played itself out.

There’s certainly some lots and lots and lots of ego, stubbornness, and pride involved.

If I lose friendships over it, well that’s how it works. It’s not fine but that’s life. I don’t know if that’s me being an asshole, not valuing friendship or “friendship” as the case may be, or just being conveniently accepting that things end and nothing is permament.

All friendships are good. Some are more good for a longer period of time. Minutes, hours, day, months, and if you’re lucky, years. Or maybe unlucky as concerns our friendship. Whatever, impermanence is a always there and if we separate, we separate. But that door is always open if our paths cross. Which is unlikely ’cause I’m a hermit unless it’s traveling to do the GORUCKs.

That’s a lot of words to say “I’m sorry” and I am – at some level. WTF kind of half-assed apology is that? Is it even an apology? Can I really be sorry if I’m not changing? I doubt it. I’ve been the same since pretty much forever and I can’t say if I’ve ever experienced massive personal growth but with meditation, I can get some insight and self-awareness.

That self-awareness tells me I’m a giant asshole and hell, we’re just dipping our toes into the self-awareness game.

OMW but not at all.
When you introduce someone you’ve met from GORUCK to like, your non-GORUCK/regular group of friends, how do you introduce them?
Tom Zuck
It’s basically never come up for me.
Phil Floraday
Number of friends I have that aren’t from GORUCK or crossfit is very small
Funny this is how crossfit people think GORUCK is insane

Seen by Phil Floraday at 1:57pm

goruck is like the most normal thing for me
Tom Zuck
I barely ever see my pre-GORUCK friends
Sad, really
Tom Zuck
You’re welcome?

Seen by Tom Zuck at 2:14pm

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