So in light of yesterday’s post, I was actually joking about not being yourself. I’m actually a big proponent of being yourself and if someone doesn’t like it, they can fuck right off in another direction. Easier said than done but sometimes you’ve got to make the hard decisions in life:

  • sausage patties > bacon all day every day
  • Cowboys > all other NFL teams
  • Pacey > Dawson (I didn’t watch this show but my mom did. I just googled it)

But yeah, I guess people don’t know that I’m not serious all the time. I find that odd as I don’t have a history of being serious. What is wrong with you people?

Also, I got some follow up from yesterday. Turns out I’m an idiot. Which I’m sure is no surprise to anyone but I keep finding new ways to prove that and keep it interesting.



Oh well.

At least she’s not the only one who thinks I’m an idiot.

Actually, maybe one or two more friends think I’m dumb.

My friends have similar opinions of me. I also had a bunch of people reach out to me and that’s appreciated. Like, I’m fine. I’ve taken a shower since then.

For some other clarification on things that don’t need clarifying,I’ve been doing a half-assed form of Intermittent Fasting which has many purported benefits but the biggest and most exciting benefit is that I only have to eat twice a day but also that means I do less dishes. Not that I don’t like doing dishes but one less meal frees up so much time for me to do nothing. But with this newfound desire to not completely be a sack of shit at my next Heavy and working out more, I realize I need to eat more. So Monday and Tuesday I got some breakfast sandwiches from QuikTrip and murdered them. I’m hungry today but didn’t want to do the work to go buy sandwiches or microwave something at home. Basically, I just want to bitch.

The other thing about shorts is when I workout I’m wearing silkies now but for the first couple of years I’d wear regular gym shorts but they were always too long so that when I squatted I’d have to pull them up so they wouldn’t go over my knees but now I’ve trained myself, Pavlov style, to hike up my silkies when I go to squat or deadlift. Like they literally are above the knee and don’t require hiking up but what do I do? Hike ’em up.

Thanks Tom

Glad to know I’m not alone.

Also, we’ve got a brunch scheduled for 09:15 Sunday so we’ll have to leave the Heavy if it’s not finished by then. More hard decisions being made, yeah. We were discussing their low carb/keto lifestyle and apparently an omelette, mashed potatoes, and gravy is a meal. I need to get all up in that because #science demands it. Plus, I’m afraid I might be getting too skinny with the depression from being booless.

That’s a concern for you, yeah?