thanks and shit

When someone compliments you, you have one and only one option and that is to say “thank you.” I apparently didn’t get the memo because I’m too confrontational and self-deprecating to accept that. I don’t know why I do that. Maybe I don’t think I’m worthy?

I couldn’t say for sure.

I have a healthy ego and am fairly confident in what I can do (or not do) so I don’t know. Fuck it, why shouldn’t people compliment daily?

This is my favorite patch. I need to acquire it somehow.

I was reading some life advice thread on the Internets somewhere and someone said “hey mother fucker when someone tells you a compliment you fucking accept it. It’s not up to you to decide you don’t want it.”

Bloody hell.

Also Tom retweeted the perfect thing tonight.

So I’m getting my shit together. The first step is to accept the compliment. I don’t hear that many compliments but maybe I’m not listening. I’ve been fitness-ing and #eatLess so that’s been good but when I message people my rucking selfies The People tell me I’m looking skinnier.

I’m not fishing for compliments because that doesn’t do as much for me as people talking shit so please up the trash talk.

So for anyone (all 4 of you) who has ever uttered a kind word in my direction, thank you. As those were in the past, it means nothing to me. However, going forward, it means and will mean a lot.


This wasn’t 500 words but I’ll make up for it tomorrow. Phone blogging second best logging.

New policy- say “thanks”