two weeks

Or how I didn’t manage to be completely off of Facebook but mostly off. I’ve been aware that I’ve been spending entirely too much time on FB and the Internets in general and I needed to make a change.

“I wish a mother fucker would.”

A minor issue, or negative, if you could call it that, which popped up right away id that some of my logins are through Facebook so there wasn’t really a way to login and check out some other sites or use some apps. I spent some time looking for shit to waste my money on while on Amazon. Which is decidedly against my desire to stop acquiring more shit. I’ve gotten better about not just buying shit on Amazon prime because this boxes and all that packaging associated with it just cause a bunch of waste. Then I bought some AirPods which are the greatest thing since, I don’t know, the iPhone SE?

More advertising: the AirPods are fantastic. They don’t have that cable in the back that gets caught on your neck when you turn your head one way and try to turn it the other way. Sound quality is on par with the regular EarPods/headphones that come with the iPhone so you ain’t paying for that, just paying for convenience and a better Bluetooth chip.

Now for the positives, I had a lot more free time. I mean, I had some intentional free time. My life is basically free time outside of work, now that I think about it. With that said, I meditated more, rucked more, walked more, and generally just spent less time on my phone.

The bonus: I wrote more. Every day except the last one cause 13/14 is good enough for me and frankly I imagine everyone was tired of my posting. I didn’t think I’d write more than 7/14 days so that was cool to see. That was a giant pain in the ass but now I have a greater appreciation for those writers who can put in the work to churn out new content everyday. That was a grind and only a minor one at that.

I am petty.

I realize I have some easy problems in life if that’s a big one. That I spend too much time looking at posts about other people’s lives and how they want them to appear. That last part I don’t entirely understand but I do it as well. Maybe more so than those who I’m thinking about.

Like, my life isn’t a series of naps and hitting the gym inconsistently and drinking consistently while reading and occasionally writing . I mean, it really is that when you boil it down but it’s not a glamorous version of any of that like on the Instagrams. Hell, I read on a scratched up Kindle, I drink shitty beer, and write occasionally not-terrible posts on my sweet ass mechanical keyboard (clack clack clack!). If I had a few million dollars I imagine I’d be doing the same thing, just with less blogging. Maybe more ’cause I’d have a couple million dollars and still have a busted up Kindle.

Goals for November:

  • sleep more
  • eat more
  • workout more