time can never mend

…the careless whisper of a good friend.

Time is a weird thing. As I’ve uh, advanced, I’ve noticed that everything is merging into one giant, drawn-out year. What I thought was a year ago was actually 3 years ago. Feels like it was yesterday though. Stupid time. Or stupid me. Probably only one of those is stupid though.

Case in point, Sachin messages me out of the blue with a new number and asks to meet up since I hadn’t seen him in a while so what do you know, I’m making questionable life decisions again for the second time this week. Then I invited Huy, Barb, and Tecno but only this mofo here has the audacity to get mad at me. I make sacrifices dude. You don’t know me.


But hey fuck me right? No kids, no wife, #faby #byfa #foreveralonebeeyang #beeyangforeveralone #beeyangfatass I have a hard life sometimes. I’ve got an emotion…somewhere. It may not appear that way but it was a difficult choice, abandoning deadlifts, to go drink beer two nights in a row but sometimes in life you’ve got to make the hard decisions. Props to me for stepping up, right?

There was a time a few years ago when some GRTs did a new event (NOGOA) but other GRTs had to piss in their cornflakes because it was billed as a Heavy but without a weight of bricks/plates. But their equipment list was a mile long and I hear it ended up being over 30 pounds anyway. Anyway, let’s get fucking riled up!!!

Let’s get riled up about getting riled up.


You figure some more time would cause people to mellow out but nah, they just get more jaded and jaded. Should’ve known better…


Life is too short to spend too much time making food and passing judgment on your GORUCK friends.


Judgement Day


What’s for dinner? Scrambled eggs and sadness, bitches!!

Well, just scrambled eggs. Sadness is something you just carry around with you at all times (kidding). As we were gathered around the table talking about our lives, it’s fun to see how things have changed and are still the same. He’s still the same dude from high school but now with an MD and shit attached to his name but don’t let that fool you, he’s still a dumbass and terrible at football and basketball. But now he’s famous! He was on the news and was giving us the inside scoops on what it’s like to be a celebrity and on TV all the time. It’s on his mom’s Facebook, check it out.

Then meditation came up and we were discussing our “practice” as it was and he’s totally a morning sitter. I tried for two weeks that but I just fall back asleep. But it’s good to know that this dude can struggle just as much with sitting still as me. I myself prefer to sit at night ’cause it’s a good way to wind down the day. Laying down and meditating though, that’s the best, because it just becomes sleep…time after time. Maybe next time it’ll be a success 

Eh, probably not. See you in 2020 Sachin!


Careless Whisper

Time After Time