day 5

day 5
So after a rough day of drinking and a night of reading, I woke up at 02:00, read some more, crushed a nap, ate some breakfast, napped again, woke up at lunch and walked to find some falafel at Falafel Hakosem but they weren’t open yet. It was weird how lots of businesses weren’t open around lunch time. But luckily for me I had a plan. That plan was to do laundry. It’s the little things in life, things like having clean, non-smelly clothes, that make the trip.


Laundry on 3 continents now.

I did a search and the closest laundromat that wasn’t the hotel’s cleaning service was 1 kilometer away. There were a few within striking distance but only one I could tell that had what I needed. So I walked a kilometer to the laundry place that was near the falafel place (which was not open when I went by). I found it but I needed shekels to make the magic happen. I ended up walking a half kilometer the other way and then back, only to realize there was a store next door I could’ve gotten change at. Curiously, this laundromat was near a bar. The waiter guessed I was from out of town so he got me my beer (GOLD STAR) and then he brought me a shot of arak wost rak. That stuff is terrible and tasted like cough syrup. I should get a bottle to confirm and relive the experience. Then I ordered another beer (repeatedly). Nice people there. It’s rare you get a free shot at a bar around here but maybe I don’t go to the right bars.

My view in the early morning.
Lots of up and down to get to any and all restrooms. Quite unlike Texas.
On a mission to do laundry with the brick bag worst bag. Also, beer might be needed.


Street view on my way home.

[edit: apparently I wrote this while at the bar back in April. Just catching up now.]
I’m currently drinking 10% Israeli beer on my “day off” after doing laundry and eating all day. good is good, decent overall. some gems. I need to find an open falafel place. I finished up laundry in between walking back and forth from the bar to the laundromat and then I went back to the hotel. Rather, that was my goal. I ended up in this sweet little bar – Little Prague (evidently it’s a restaurant but if I just drink there then it’s a bar, yeah?) because those four beers I had earlier were fighting their way back. I can’t keep them chained inside forever, like my feelings. It said there was no smoking but for a nonsmoking bar, there sure were a lot of smokers. One thing I noticed is they don’t have those no smoking within twenty five feet of the entrance rules here. Also, locals (or the peeps in there) liked to roll their own tobacco.

Best bar up the street.
Cool bar shit
Authentic beer. Only a few blocks from the hotel but I couldn’t make it in time.

I met up with Stacy and Christina one last time and snapped a sweet picture of her passport. So cool…it’s like some secret spy shit but not a secret spy. Or maybe she is?

Cab rides are the best when you’re lazy and don’t want to walk a kilometer.
so cool
The Unlikely Spies

I tried to get shakshuka again but not open so I ate some Italian food, and had a delicious crème brûlée . I walked around a bit and somehow I ended up at a bar again. As I left, I saw some Hare Krishnas, grabbed another beer at a bar, and then inexplicably got a Big Mac at the two storied McDonald’s. Wasn’t even hungry but hell, maybe I was. Then I woke up at 3 am.

Best meal.

I’m not one to plan to do things every day of travel. I did walk a few miles just checking out stuff in the area but eh, I like downtime. I’ve got a few friends who will have stuff planned out for everyday so I can’t travel with them all the time because no. This was a good day of just doing.